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We have been serving New Bern and surrounding areas for 33+ years with the up most confidence. As a family owned business we understand the gravity of doing things correctly with the added bonus of convenience and honesty. 

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Automotive Glass Replacement

Residential/Commercial Glass Repair

For us everything began in automotive glass. Find out how we have mastered the profession in our decades of experience.

Find out about our comprehensive residential/commercial glass replacement and see our professionalism first hand.

Luxury glass Services

heavy Machinery Glass Repair

We have traveled all over the world to meet our clients accommodations. Learn about our luxury services.

Having to pull machinery out of production because of busted glass can be detrimental to your bottom line. Find out we can get most machinery back up and running in 24 hours.

Authorized Rhino Bed Liners and Concrete Coatings Applicator

We have been leaving the competition behind as a leader in authorized Rhino Applications for 14+ years!


Repair ugly concrete flooring with a beautiful non-slip finish that only Rhino Home Pro can offer.

Don't waste your money on cheap bedliners, get the best the market has to offer. Call for a free quote today!


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